If you have never had a false hairpiece before and you do not have much time to learn about how to maintain your toupee appropriately, definitely you would make numerous mistakes. However, by having the opportunity to find out about the most common mistakes that individuals make when first wearing false hair, it would be guaranteed that you will have a positive experience the first time you wear your incredible hairpiece.Not to mention that learning about the different mistakes would extend the life of your hairpiece because you will learn the proper care techniques required to maintain it.While most oversights are made by people who have worn a false hairpiece for the first time, they are not the only ones to make some of the mistakes that you will find out about here.Here are the five things you might do that may harm your toupee:

Using hot tools on your false hair can be risky

The heat would melt the toupee due to the strands used. Likewise, be cautious enough while blow drying and ironing your human hair extensions Sydney. It can harm the hairpiece due to the high temperatures.

Using shampoo and conditioner not really made for false hair

There are shampoo and conditioners especially made for wigs. If you really want to maintain a false hair, you should find time taking extra care for your toupees by buying specific hair cleansers because the chemicals in regular shampoos and conditioners ruin the hair texture and at times leaves the hair frizzy and tangled.

Using hairspray or hair shine on your toupee can cause damage to the fibers

Continuously exposing your toupee with various products would make it bunched up, unmanageable and may cause product build up which will make the strands oily.

Not keeping your hair clean can damage your toupee’s hair

Our scalps would usually moisten when the weather gets hot, hence the toupee would be sweat-soaked. So keeping your hair clean would diminish how often the toupee will need washing. Washing your false hair time and again may shorten its lifespan after its usual 15 to 20 wears.

The way you store your wig may damage it as well

Placing your false hair on an appropriate stand when it isn’t being used will help keep up the toupee in shape and style. Having a wig top additionally secures both the periwig and your hair from harm.To keep you safe from making one of these five mistakes, be sure to ask or attend a professional hair salon for assistance.